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  • Compatible with Li-ion (26650, 22650, 18650, 17670, 18490, 17500, 18350, 16340(RCR123), 14500, 10440), Ni-MH and Ni-Cd (AA, AAA, AAAA, C) rechargeable batteries
  • Capable of charging 4 batteries simultaneously – Each of the four battery slots monitors and charges independently
  • Optimized charging design for IMR batteries
  • Integrated LCD panel clearly displays charging parameters and progress

LiitoKala 18650 battery charger automatically detects Li-ion, Ni-MH and Ni-Cd batteries, and through manual selection is also capable of charging LiFePO4 batteries. Intelligent charging circuitry selects the optimal charging mode (CC, CV and dV/dt) for a given battery and each of the D4’s four microcomputer-controlled charging slots then monitors and charges the batteries independently. Furthermore, an integrated digital LCD screen clearly displays charging progress, voltage, current and time while an intelligent automatic power-off function terminates current when charging is complete. The Lii-500 is one of the world’s most advanced fully-automatic digital charger. It’s as simple as insert, detect and charge.

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Lii-500 Bare Charger
Liitokala Lii-500 + AC Charger
Liitokala Lii-500 + AC Adapter + 12V Plug


Single Product

LiitoKala Lii-500 LCD 18650 battery charger

By LiitoKala

Key features:
• Large LCD display
• High compatibility
• Automatic, smart temperature regulation and protection
• ABS, PC, fire-retardant materials used for safety

Large LCD display:
Integrated LCD panel clearly displays charging parameters and processes (batteries type, voltage, time, charging percentage, charging capacity, auto-alert indication for worse battery cell); Reverse protection, precision end-of-charge voltage detection.

• DC Input voltage: 12V / 2.0A
• LI-ION battery charging current: 4.2 V at 300/500/700/1000 mA
• NiMH battery charging current: 1.48 at 300/500/700/1000 mA
• Rechargeable batteries specifications: 18650.26650, 14500, AA, AAA, and others
• Discharge current: 250 mA, 500 mA
• USB output: 5V, 1000 mA
• Termination: Intelligent voltage monitoring
• Size (L x W x H): 162 x 96 x 36 mm

• The 18650 Battery Charger eliminates the use of a separate LCD screen: Voltage (V), current (MA), time (H), capacity (mAh), resistance (MR), options, etc.
• When charging, the 4 channels work independently. You can select different charging currents for charging and lithium-ion batteries and nickel-metal batteries.
• Under the Quick Test mode, 4 channels can quickly detect battery capacity, regardless of the lithium-ion batteries and nickel-hydrogen batteries.
• Neither the test mode, battery capacity is usually found three step process of (1 charged, 2 discharged, 3 refill), battery capacity detection process;
• Charging and fast test/no test: 3 modes can operate simultaneously
• Various protection functions: Overload and over-discharge, short-circuit, temperature
• Intelligent bad battery recognition and reverse detection protection
• With standard 5 V/1000mA USB output: 1 to 4 lithium batteries (the product can not be nickel-metal hydride battery with USB output)
• With special power adapter: DC Input voltage: 12 V/2A

Key description:
1) The charger has six buttons, key mode (mode), the current selection key (NAP), and view the data independently selected key (1234)
2) Hold down the Mode key for 3 seconds to change the mode or quick test. No test (capacity test) mode, then press again the corresponding function keys can be changed within 8 seconds, Current, independent,  capacity test, the selected function after 8 seconds in a working condition, in working condition can press (1234) To view the Voltage (V), current (MA), time (H), capacity (mAh)

Mode description:
(Charge mode)
1) When powered on, the charger, the LCD screen is displayed at full brightness. If the LCD screen does not light up, then there is no battery detected or the battery is bad.
2) Insert the battery charger for three seconds or so to measure the internal resistance of the battery, after which the system automatically switches to charging mode (FREE), charger will automatically default charging current “500mA, in 8 seconds for the current selection Key (NAP) Select 300 mA, 500 mA, 700 mA, 1000 mA charging current lock system that you select will be charged in eight seconds if within 8 seconds. If not set, then the system will automatically default the charging current to 500 mA. Current and other functions will not be changed.
3) If not fast charging, we recommend 500 mA.

2 capacity test types:
(A) Quick test (Rapid capacity test mode)
1) When the power is turned on, press the key Mode for 8 seconds, select quick test quick capacity test mode, then press current selection key. Select system for 8 seconds after locking your choice to work.
2) Quick test: Enter selected discharge current battery recharge
3) Detects and records the capacity of the battery.
4) Please note that this product is the power test mode. Discharge mode is divided into two types. When you select the charge current (300 mA, 500 mA), The system will automatically default discharge current of 250mA, When you select the charge current (700 mA, 1000 mA), The system automatically default discharge current 500 mA,

(B) Test (Normal capacity detection mode)
1) No test mode: The first battery is fully charged and then discharge the battery discharge capacities to detect and record the capacity of the battery after the battery is fully automated; The ability to detect a process with reference TABLE II
2) No test enter selected current battery recharge and discharge –
3) When the power is turned back into the charger, 8 seconds Touch (Key Mode Mode) No test mode is selected, in any mode, press the mode button for 2 seconds, you can enter any test mode;
4) After you enter any test mode, you can select the key (NAP) Select 300mA, 500mA, 700mA for 8 seconds, or 1000 mA current, the current system is locked after selecting 8 seconds if the 8 second, do not make a set, the system will automatically lock mA charge current (When current default charging current is automatically selected when the discharge current of 250 mA discharge), in which for 8 seconds Select 700mA or 1000mA charge current will automatically select the discharge current of 500mA discharge.
5) When the battery is fully charged, the system will automatically discharge, discharge current, the system default (relationships Select the charging current), and writing data to detect the discharge capacity of the battery, when is displayed, Capacity test mode, this setting LCD display the actual battery capacity reference value.
6) Capacity Test Mode finished, the charger will be selected by the current settings again before charging the battery to full.
7) Five, USB 5 V output

LiitoKala Lii-500 18650 Battery Charger checkout options

Lii-500 (no other accessories):
• 1 x Liitokala Lii-500 charger (batteries not included)
• 1 x Manual
• 1 x Tracking No.

Lii-500 (car cable not included):
• 1 x Liitokala Lii-500 charger (batteries not included)
• 1 x 12 V/2 A adapter
• 1 x Manual
• 1 x Tracking No.

• 1 x Liitokala Lii-500 charger (batteries not included)
• 1 x 12 V/2 A adapter
• 1 x Car charger cable+
• 1 x Manual
• 1 x Tracking No.

LiitoKala Lii-500 18650 Battery Charger
LiitoKala Lii-500 18650 Battery Charger
LiitoKala Lii-500 Lithium Battery Charger
LiitoKala Lii-500 18650 Battery Charger
LiitoKala Lii-500 18650 Battery Charger
LiitoKala Lii-500 18650 Battery Charger
LiitoKala Lii-500 18650 Battery Charger
LiitoKala Lii-500 18650 Battery Charger

LiitoKala Lii-500 Charger

Lii-500 Bare Charger, Liitokala Lii-500 + AC Charger, Liitokala Lii-500 + AC Adapter + 12V Plug

Brand Name



Smart Universal Charger

Model Number




Quick charge


Display screen



Li-ion, NiMH, NiCd Batteries


5V USB Power Bank Output

Intelligent Charge



12V DC

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    As always quality and delivery at altitude!!! I recommend charging and batteries to everyone very worthy!!!

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