7 Ways How to Use UV Sanitizer Wand

7 Ways How to Use UV Sanitizer Wand

Hygiene and staying healthy has always been important, but it is now more critical than ever that we protect ourselves from bacteria, viruses, and other germs. Germs are all around us – in public places, in the workplace, and even in the home. These micro-organisms live on surfaces and objects – we know that COVID-19 can live on surfaces up to three days – so everytime we touch something we risk picking up harmful viruses or bacteria.

Luckily, there is an easy way to sterilize surfaces and keep ourselves safe from infection. An UV sanitizer wand allows you to use the power of UV light to sanitize objects and surfaces safely without risk of chemical contamination. Here are 7 great ways to use your UV disinfecting lamp.

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Ultraviolet Light Sterilization Principle

The UV Light Sanitizer Wand can be used on a wide variety of surfaces and objects to eliminate germs and viruses, and protect your health.

The wavelength of UV radiation ranges from 328 nm to 210 nm (3280 A to 2100 A). Its maximum bactericidal effect occurs at 240–280 nm. Mercury vapor lamps emit more than 90% of their radiation at 253.7 nm, which is near the maximum microbicidal activity. Inactivation of microorganisms results from destruction of nucleic acid through induction of thymine dimers. UV radiation has been employed in the disinfection of drinking water, air, titanium implants, and contact lenses. Bacteria and viruses are more easily killed by UV light than are bacterial spores.

There are a large number of uses for a ultraviolet disinfectant/sanitizer/germicidal light in the home. You can use your sanitizer stick  in the kitchen to eliminate germs on cutting boards and other services that can harbor bacteria and viruses such as your mailbox, packages, home & car keys, door handles, shoes, etc. You can also use it to quickly sanitize baby bottles and all other products your child comes into contact with.

UV lights can help prevent allergens and mold in your HVAC system, but they can be costly to install by a service professional (up to $400.00 for initial installation. You then have to replace the quartz bulb every year or so).  Or, you can opt to buy a stand-alone plug-n-play ultraviolet light and place it on your AC Handler closet in order to ionize, disinfect and sanitize the air that circulates through your HVAC system.

Portable UV Light Sanitizer Wand | Sterilizer, Germicidal, Disinfectant

"The Department of Agriculture suggests washing wooden and plastic cutting boards with hot, soapy water, or cleaning plastic cutting boards in your dishwasher. Sanitize all cutting boards periodically by flooding the surface with a diluted bleach solution (1 gallon of water mixed with 1 tablespoon of bleach), then rinse with plain water. Always dry cutting boards thoroughly before storing them. This robs bacteria of needed moisture for growth"

7 Ways How to Use UV Sanitizer Wand
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You can easily run the wand over electronic devices such as remote controls, smart phones and laptops to sanitise these frequently-touched objects. You can use it on your kids’ toys, your yoga mat, your closets, and any pet areas: everything that you touch often or that is prone to germs!

A trip to the grocery store is an essential part of life, but this can unfortunately expose you to viruses and bacteria. In particular, cart handles and baskets have been touched by countless other patrons who unfortunately, deposit their germs ready for you to pick up. You can manage this problem with your Portable UV Sterilizer wand and use this on your cart every time you go to the grocery store.

Portable Ultraviolet Light | Disinfecting/Germicidal UV Sanitizer Wand Lighting iGadgets Health & Household
Portable UV Sterilizer
We all carry our mobile phones with us everywhere we go, and touch them countless times every day. This constant touching means they are hotspots for bacteria and viruses, especially when you touch other surfaces and then immediately touch your phone. Regularly running your UV wand over your mobile phone will eliminate these germs and save you from getting sick. You can also use your UV Light Sanitizer on your tablet or iPad, another hotspot for germs!

Other than your mobile devices, you can also use your UV sanitizing stick on your personal care and health devices such as your hearing aid, CPAP machine, electric shavers, face scrubbers, etc..

Public restrooms are some of the worst places when it comes to viruses and bacteria. An UV light sanitizer is highly portable, making it ideal for taking with you to the public restroom. Use it on toilet seats, door handles, and all other surfaces in the public restroom to eliminate germs and protect your health.

There is great concern about spread of the coronavirus through workplaces, and so a portable solution is invaluable to sanitize office equipment such as phones, keyboards, photocopiers, as well as door handles, push panels, elevators, security keypads. Office kitchen items like mugs, spoons, coffee machines can also be germ hotspots, so the wand is very useful here too. These uses go beyond offices: if you run a limo service, you can use a UVC light stick to sanitize the passenger compartment area as well as the driver’s surface contact area.

Portable UV Light Sanitizer Wand | Sterilizer, Germicidal, Disinfectant

We know that public places represent one of the greatest risks for contradicting COVID-19, not to mention other diseases. When eating out, use your UV sanitizing light  on chopsticks or cutlery to protect yourself from germs. You can also use it on kids play equipment and other objects that others touch and may harbour viruses or bacteria. Another great use for your UV germicidal light is on your mask and gloves, to make sure that these are effective in keeping you safe.

The UV sanitizer wand is rechargeable, making it ideal for taking it with you when you travel. Travel involves the risk of coming into contact with viruses and bacteria, particularly diseases that you might not be exposed to at home. From sanitizing your plane seating area, to your hotel room, taxis, Uber seat or when taking a limo, a UV light sanitizer wand is an easy and convenient to eliminate germs and protect your health while travelling.

An Ultraviolet Light is an essential component of any DYI disinfection or sanitizing box: create your own kit using a shoebox and aluminum foil to sanitize your cell phone, keys, remotes, face mask, jewellery, and other essential items to protect your health and the health of those around you!