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Benefits of a Selfie Ring Light

We are now spending more time than ever in front of cameras – from the cameras on our phones to those on our laptops and PCs. Whether you want to improve your selfies, TikTok videos, or how you look on your next video conference, lighting is the key!

This is where your selfie ring light come in. A selfie ring light has a variety of uses and even more advantages! Let’s take a look at the top benefits of using a selfie ring light.

Take Better Selfies

A selfie ring light provides a portable, convenient and effective light source that you can use to enhance your selfies. Have you ever seen a professional photographer work? If you have, you’ll know that use a complicated set up of lights and reflectors.

There’s good reason for this – the right lighting can make or break your picture. By lighting up your face, you automatically highlight your best features and produce a sharper, better picture.

This selfie ring light lets you set up your own mini photography studio wherever you are, so you can take selfies like a professional. Your Instagram account will be completely transformed!

Rechargeable Selfie Ring Light for iPhone, FaceTime, TikTok, Zoom, YouTube Smartphone Accessories iGadgets

Take and Post Better Videos

Just like when you take a static photo, good lighting is critically important when it comes to video. In the same way that photographers use lighting in their studios, you may have noticed how important lighting is on a TV or film set. So why would you try to take your own videos without proper lighting?

The ring light is so easy and convenient to use that it is perfect for recording professional-looking social media videos. Budding TikTok stars can use this LED halo light to illuminate their space, choosing the ideal level of light from the three brightness settings.

Are you looking to break into YouTube? Drab, dimly-lit videos won’t cut it anymore on the highly-competitive platform. You can use your selfie ring light with a tripod and phone holder to easily light your space whether recording at home, or on location.

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Shine on Video Calls

We’re all using video calls more and more these days, whether to keep in touch with friends and family you’re not able to see in person, or a remote staff meeting when working from home.

Your selfie ring light will light up your face and help you to look your best, with 36 powerful LED lamps. Adjust the brightness to suit the situation, and you’ll look your best on each and every iPhone, FaceTime, or Zoom video call.

Say goodbye to poor video and unflattering shadows forever!

Benefits of a Selfie Ring Light

Never Run out of Charge!

Because the 3.5″ selfie ring light is rechargeable, you easily recharge it and will never need to worry about your light running out. The light is equipped with a rechargeable 250mAh-3.7V battery, that delivers more than 45 minutes of continuous light at full power before needing to be charged again.

This means you’ll always be prepared for your next video call, spontaneous selfie, or to record your next TikTok or YouTube video!

Selfie Ring Light with Tripod Stand + 3.5″ Rechargeable Sidekick Lighting Smartphone Accessories iGadgets



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